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It’s a Flan Bake-Off!

Flan-Off!   by Emi, Lisa, & Linh Egg custard and all that involves it is one of my favorite memories of childhood. Fresh egg custard tarts from Chinatown …Mom’s warm cream puffs filled with cold custard …oh and Mom’s baked flan, swimming in caramel syrup.  With the whole kitchen filled with that creamy caramel scent, my mouth watered.  Waiting for the custard to set up in the fridge overnight, now that’s suspense!

Somewhere along the way I got Mom’s flan recipe. She hadn’t made it in years because, hello, eggs and cream are not exactly what the doctor orders healthy low-cholesterol living :). Somehow I lost track of even having the recipe, but thank goodness my mac didn’t. The subject of flan came up in a conversation at work and next thing we know a Flan Bake-Off is ON!

We each tried making different recipes. Weight Watcher’s Coconut Flan, an Original Flan, and my mom’s Best Baked Caramel Custard (Flan). There were a few questions that came up: How many eggs makes a good flan? Cream, milk, or evaporated & condensed milk? Can we use a stainless steel pot to make caramel? How do we coat the baking dish with the sugar before it hardens? Continue reading