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Almond Tarts

Rasberry Almond Tart & Chocolate Almond PursesI am nuts about nuts and I am especially in love with almonds for their flavor, versatility, nutrition, and all around goodness. I had a bag of ground almonds and a tube of almond paste that was just waiting for some inspiration. So when my mom mentioned Almond Tarts, my ears perked up immediately, despite the overflowing number of desserts presently in my home.

Before making this recipe, I had little knowledge of the difference between ground almonds, almond paste, and marzipan. Just on sight and initial taste, they go from least to most sweeter, softer, and more expensive. I found out that marzipan has the most sugar and the almonds in it are ground the finest so that it is more playable for molding cake decorations.

Product Almond Content Sugar Ground Cost
Ground Almond 99%+ 0% Medium Fine (with or w/o skin) least expensive
Almond Paste 50% 50% Blanched & Fine ground  
Marzipan 30% 70% Blanched & Extra Fine most expensive

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