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Chefs eChallenge – Gnocchi Gratin

Wow, this challenge is two months in coming! So after that long wait it’s time for something twice as fancy, twice as rich, and not quite as difficult as it sounds (that is, with a couple tips I’ve learned along the way). November’s challenge is simply flavored comfort food at it’s yummiest. It is Gnocchi Gratin.

This recipe is inspired by the recent Iron Chef Irvine secret ingredient: Potatoes! What a fabulous pick. I am quite a sucker for almost anything potato. This time though, I was looking for something outside my comfort zone; something we had not tried before; something that travels well and feeds many. Continue reading

Roasted Asparagus & New Potatoes

Roasted Asparagus & New Potatoes w/New York SteakWe had an unexpected Sunday dinner date opportunity, and it was a debate whether we would stay in, or go out to a restaurant. We were leaning towards staying in to catch up on videos/tv, and the thought of steak and roasted vegetables sealed the deal!

We have been steaming our asparagus, but after our success with the Romanesco cauliflower, I am on a roasted vegetable kick! I never realized what a difference roasting makes in vegetables. They are tender inside but still firm on the outside. There’s a nice toasty flavor mixed with whatever spices are used.

Tonight we were free-wheelin’ and recipe-free. We were doing our own version of 30-minute meals. Ok, it took more like 45 minutes including defrosting the steaks, but still, it was a quick, no fuss meal.

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