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Analysis of Agave by way of CCCs

Chocolate Chip Cookies Round OneFor the past month, I have been aiming to cut processed sugar from my diet to see what health effects I could see if any. Well, let me tell you, although it wasn’t as difficult as I feared, it was difficult enough for me to give into allowing myself sweets on the weekends. The most difficult part was attending parties (the birthday cake in particular) and the fact that I felt my hands were tied in terms of baking.

Of course by week four, I was going through baking withdraws as much as I was cookie cravings. After all, if people could find a wayto bake with products like Splenda, there must be a way to substitute natural sugars such as honey, maple, and agave syrup. Continue reading

Crunchy Oatmeal Cookie Bites

A breakfast cookie! That’s what I tell myself and everyone else watching their figure. Many oatmeal cookies are stuffed with raisins and drowned in sugary icing. I was intrigued with the Crispy Oatmeal Cookies from Cooks Illustrated. I tasted them from a friend’s home and was instantly sold. She made it with Splenda or Splenda brown sugar blend and I couldn’t even tell. That’s a first for me.

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