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Roasted Asparagus & New Potatoes

Roasted Asparagus & New Potatoes w/New York SteakWe had an unexpected Sunday dinner date opportunity, and it was a debate whether we would stay in, or go out to a restaurant. We were leaning towards staying in to catch up on videos/tv, and the thought of steak and roasted vegetables sealed the deal!

We have been steaming our asparagus, but after our success with the Romanesco cauliflower, I am on a roasted vegetable kick! I never realized what a difference roasting makes in vegetables. They are tender inside but still firm on the outside. There’s a nice toasty flavor mixed with whatever spices are used.

Tonight we were free-wheelin’ and recipe-free. We were doing our own version of 30-minute meals. Ok, it took more like 45 minutes including defrosting the steaks, but still, it was a quick, no fuss meal.

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Hearty Meat-less Chili?

Hearty Meat-less Chili

We have been experimenting with our slow cooker that we received for our wedding. We’ve made a few stews and a yummy Cuban Pork dish so far, but we are still constantly searching for more “Fix-It and Forget About It” dishes. So when we went to a birthday party a couple weeks ago and our friend Leslie whipped up this amazing and healthy chili, I was instantly inspired! Her chili was so meaty you could stand a fork in it and it was such a great hearty meal it would satisfy any craving.

I set out to find a chili recipe that would be hearty, healthy, and versatile and that I could make in our All-Clad slow cooker. By versatile, I mean I wanted the recipe to not only be meaty when I used a ground beef, sausage, or steak, but I wanted it to be delicious even as a vegetarian dish. Continue reading