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Heirloom Romanesco Cauliflower – A Two Way Road

Heirloom Romanesco Cauliflower

This may be just about the most amazing looking vegetable I have ever seen. We were roaming the Saturday morning farmers market in Santa Monica when we spotted a stand covered with these crazy vegetables. The friendly vendors told us about their heirloom cauliflower. Of course we had to take one home, along with a hand-full of red, yellow, and purple new potatoes. We had no idea what to do with the cauliflower. Did I have the heart to cook this out-of-this-world looking vegetable? Well, not before giving it a good photo shoot first!

This Italian heirloom hails from the coastal region between Rome and Naples. Romanesco cauliflower is noted for its large, white heads with groups of pointed spirals. Now comes a new color for this classic. ‘Veronica’ Romanesco cauliflower has the same growth habit but features lime green heads. The heads have a mild, nutty taste and are best harvested on the young side. garden.org

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