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Chefs eChallenge – Gnocchi Gratin

Wow, this challenge is two months in coming! So after that long wait it’s time for something twice as fancy, twice as rich, and not quite as difficult as it sounds (that is, with a couple tips I’ve learned along the way). November’s challenge is simply flavored comfort food at it’s yummiest. It is Gnocchi Gratin.

This recipe is inspired by the recent Iron Chef Irvine secret ingredient: Potatoes! What a fabulous pick. I am quite a sucker for almost anything potato. This time though, I was looking for something outside my comfort zone; something we had not tried before; something that travels well and feeds many. Continue reading

Tweaked Palate Chefs eChallenge – Salmon Cakes

Salmon Cakes with Rice Pilaf & Steamed Brocolli

For months now I’ve been trying to find time to have friends over for an evening of themed cooking, eating, and a little competition, a la Iron Chef. Our friends in Irvine have long been doing such a party they call Iron Chef Irvine and we thought it would be fun to do a similar one in our neck of the woods….it hasn’t happened yet. Life seems to be mostly fast lanes these days, so I thought that a Chefs eChallenge would be just the thing to get us all together virtually, especially for all my great chef friends that aren’t local to SoCal. What is a Chefs eChallenge you say? Continue reading

Crunchy Oatmeal Cookie Bites

A breakfast cookie! That’s what I tell myself and everyone else watching their figure. Many oatmeal cookies are stuffed with raisins and drowned in sugary icing. I was intrigued with the Crispy Oatmeal Cookies from Cooks Illustrated. I tasted them from a friend’s home and was instantly sold. She made it with Splenda or Splenda brown sugar blend and I couldn’t even tell. That’s a first for me.

Continue reading