Pumpkin-Apple Bread Oops!

So it was late last night but I had been craving pumpkin bread for days.  It won’t take long to bake up a batch right?  Unfortunately I only had a small can of pumpkin, but I have some home baked apple…maybe that will do.  So I don’t have to half the recipe.

Did I already say it was late?  I started with this Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread recipe…decided to half it, then decided not to.  So what I ended up with was I halved everthing except for the fruit…Oops!  What I ended up with was 3 mini loaves that rose and browned beautifully, then fell a bit.  It was quite yummy though still quite sweet and very fluffy and moist.   I guess I’ll have to try again.

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Ma Po Tofu

I was inspired with this Chinese Ma Po Tofu recipe.  Unfortunately I only had time to go to Trader Joe’s and they don’t sell ground pork, so I went with ground beef.  Then I didn’t have time to make it for a couple days, which was the fortunate thing, because my MIL came to visit and showed me how to make the real thing family style!

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