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A monthly recipe challenge that everyone can do at their leisure. The purpose is to try out new recipes, learn from each others’ experiences, and of course have some yummy fun! Here’s how it works:

1. Make the chosen recipe of the month.
2. The recipe is a guideline and Tweaking is encouraged!
3. Photography your resulting dish any way you like (on the stove, perfectly plated, using your cell phone or fancy SLR)
4. Email me (elemenseeATgmailDOTcom) a picture (.jpg format) and a short paragraph about your thoughts and results for the recipe before midnight PST on the last day of the month. Please also include any suggestions and recipes for the next month’s challenge.
5. All entries will be posted on the blog for everyone to see and chat about!

Chefs eChallenge – Gnocchi Gratin

Wow, this challenge is two months in coming! So after that long wait it’s time for something twice as fancy, twice as rich, and not quite as difficult as it sounds (that is, with a couple tips I’ve learned along the way). November’s challenge is simply flavored comfort food at it’s yummiest. It is Gnocchi Gratin.

This recipe is inspired by the recent Iron Chef Irvine secret ingredient: Potatoes! What a fabulous pick. I am quite a sucker for almost anything potato. This time though, I was looking for something outside my comfort zone; something we had not tried before; something that travels well and feeds many. Continue reading

Chefs eChallenge – Banana Blueberry Bread

Hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend. I’ve been waiting to share this recipe with you all for too long! Over the summer, we visited some friends and JeAnna made this most fabulous Banana Blueberry Bread for us. It was the kind that was crusty on the outside but light, moist, and bursting with flavor on the inside. Of course I couldn’t forget it despite the numerous Banana Bread recipes I have at home, so I convinced her to let me have her recipe and share it with you all! Continue reading