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Preserving Herbs

Have you ever bought fresh herbs and end up throwing half of them away? A great solution would be to have your own herb garden and harvest them fresh as you need them. For those of us who are still relying on produce markets for our herbs or if you are looking to keep your seasonal herbs for use year round, is there a way? Continue reading

Planning Weekly Meals

“What’s for dinner mom?” That’s was my version of meal planning growing up. All too soon after was the ritual of tummy grumbling followed by a long stare into the fridge to see what the options were. I started hearing from some friends of mine who were doing weekly meal planning so they could get their groceries done all at once and cooking times scheduled. I don’t remember my parent’s ever doing this. My grocery store routine is usually planned around missing essentials and possibly planning one meal. As an aside, I also recently heard of places like Dream Dinners who sell meal servings with freshly prepped ingredients and simple recipes to make the dinner. This only made me more curious about pre-planning and pre-prepping.

Weekly meal planning seems like a lot of effort and doesn’t leave much room for spontaneity. On the other hand, there seems to be many benefits. There will always be something good to eat or groceries to make an actual dish. Groceries will take less time to get and possibly cost less in bulk. Lastly if you plan right, there won’t be a lot of waste either. The advantages seem to outweigh the trouble. The most time consuming parts of cooking for me are figuring out what to make and prepping all the food to make it. The actual cooking takes very little time. I would however want to leave room for spontaneous meals; the unexpected is always fun!

Now, many questions come up on how to start. When do you plan? Is a week enough? When do you cook? How many servings of each do you make and how do you figure that out? I’d love to hear any of your thoughts and strategies for planning meals.