TweakedPalate is a journal about my exploration of food.  I realized one day that I was having similar food discussions with multiple groups of friends. Other than my career, most of my waking hours revolve around food of some sort, whether it is cooking, baking, dining out, or having cooking parties and pretending we’re amateur food critics. I hope you’ll join me in my journey – it’s always more fun with good companions!

Why TweakedPalate?

My husband, Ryan, often teases me about my inability to follow a recipe without tweaking it in some way. As an engineer, it feels a bit of a curse really because then I don’t have a constant that I can use for comparison. Nevertheless, I often can’t overcome the urge to experiment. The changes could be as simple as reducing the sugar or a full recipe overhaul, changing half of the ingredients and ratios due to various recipe reviews, combining multiple recipes, making healthy substitutions, or a combination of all of these to fulfill my curious tastebuds.

Two important things I’ve learned from cooking and baking is that it is a science and it is also personal. Understanding the palates of your guests is just as essential to grasping food chemistry. This holds true at home and in restaurants. I always love trying new things (with the exception of foods that are dangerous), at least once. When Ryan and I travel, we travel by food, be it within California, or abroad. Some of the most memorable things from our trips are local cuisines we experience.

Linh Who?

Visual Effects workerbee by day; food fanatic 24/7.  She is an amateur cook, food connoisseur, food art enthusiast, closet restaurant critic…about to come out.  She hopes that this blog will bring friends and food together, and allow her to express herself as an aspiring cook and photographer.